The State of The Advernet

“The Website Obesity Crisis”

The Advernet. It’s bringing me down man. I’ve been feeling really negative about the future of the web.

But now I’m happy because I watched a really smart and funny video about the web that incorporates Howard Taft, Russian literature, Chickenshit Minimalism, youth, love and lard.

Anyone who uses the web, and Christ, that’s a lot of humanoids, should find this 53 minutes well spent. And developers and designers and the like should benefit as well.

A screenshot from a video of Howard Taft talking on the telephone
This is a screenshot which looks like an embedded video complete with a nonfunctioning play button. This is known as a perceived affordance and that’s not a good thing. Don’t do it.
It’s a keynote delivered by Maciej Ceglowski.

You’ll find many valuable tips like this code snipet:
code snippet text reads: "make sure the critical elements of  your site load first" the "stop there"

You may now watch the video

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