Universal Design, Accessibility and the Streets of Lima, Peru

Two small busses on the street at night.
© Dave Nold

Strolling through San Isidro, a municipality of Lima, Peru, you get the impression that they had accessibility in mind. Curb cuts on every corner, ramps leading into stores, restaurants and some private homes. And plenty of clearly marked blue spots for parking. I wonder how strictly the parking was enforced since when crossing the street I learned that Stop signs are more of a suggestion.
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WordPress 4.7 Beta 2 and Twenty Seventeen

That’s what you’re looking at.

(At the time of this writing.)

Just installed it and I’m very pleased so far.

The default WordPress themes have been very good, accessibility wise, for some time now and I’m always exited to try out “this year’s model”.

Thanks to the folks at the WordPress Accessibility Team you can use the accessibility-ready tag along with one-column, two-columns, right-sidebar, flexible-header and the like when you’re searching for a new theme for your site. In fact, please use the accessibility-ready tag when you’re searching for a new theme for your site.

As Joe Biden would say, “this is a big fucking deal.” Everything should be Accessibility Ready.

American Manufacturing

I had a Guild M-20 in the 70s. I sold it around 1980 on consignment at Chickens That Sing music for a song. Sure I’ve felt some regret now and again. Nick Drake finally got popular and now they call the M-20 “The Nick Drake” guitar. But it will always be the Dave Nold guitar to me. I’m just sentimental that way.

Now Guild is back with a new American factory and I got me a brand new 2016 Guild USA M-20. It’s beautiful and better than having my old guitar back.

Looking in the sound hole of the guitar to see the serial number.
Serial #C160048
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