The Protagonist of the Living Room

And the guy on the couch is on heroin

A drawing of a man sitting on a couch smoking a pipe. A console stereo is in the background. It looks like the 1950s.

I generation (is 1955 born.) Encounter with what appears to the first audio of, generally, was placed in the center of the drawing room, it seems it was a device called a “stereo” to be angry to the touch. (The next to it is lined with furniture that liquor is referred to as the sideboard lined up.)
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What do you want for 3 bucks?

Cows on the cover of Atom Heart Mother: See Long description for more.

I remember reading the bit about the Ave Maria encore in Rolling Stone when I was a youngster and I thought I’d look it up to see if I made up the memory. I found the above text in one of those google books.

It’s funny because in recent years, members of Pink Floyd are pretty dismissive of this record. It’s one of my favorite pre-Dark Side albums. Not much of a fan of post Dark Side Floyd. They lost me at Animals.

I did get to see them perform Atom Heart Mother live in 1971 at the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh, PA sans choir horns and strings and I was not disappointed.

The record is currently in heavy rotation.

The record on the turntable with cover of Atom Heart Mother in background

American Manufacturing

I had a Guild M-20 in the 70s. I sold it around 1980 on consignment at Chickens That Sing music for a song. Sure I’ve felt some regret now and again. Nick Drake finally got popular and now they call the M-20 “The Nick Drake” guitar. But it will always be the Dave Nold guitar to me. I’m just sentimental that way.

Now Guild is back with a new American factory and I got me a brand new 2016 Guild USA M-20. It’s beautiful and better than having my old guitar back.

Looking in the sound hole of the guitar to see the serial number.
Serial #C160048
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