The Protagonist of the Living Room

And the guy on the couch is on heroin

A drawing of a man sitting on a couch smoking a pipe. A console stereo is in the background. It looks like the 1950s.

I generation (is 1955 born.) Encounter with what appears to the first audio of, generally, was placed in the center of the drawing room, it seems it was a device called a “stereo” to be angry to the touch. (The next to it is lined with furniture that liquor is referred to as the sideboard lined up.)

It’s shape is, in most cases those calm profound and of the patriarch (father) taste, and design, such as put even without discomfort to the Japanese-style room it had been. (That’s right was called the ensemble stereo in the industry.)

Of this era, which is said to be the golden age of audio, console-type stereo was a protagonist of the living room. (It seems from various manufacturers, various models have been made.)

The next time, we are thinking about the integrated record player. In and rude.

The original Japanese

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