The Franklin Bros Market

For the universe

The Franklin Bros. storfront.
Dave Nold
The old corner store on 7th and Bancroft had been boarded up for about a year and I assumed it was being turned into an apartment. But when the plywood came off a couple of weeks ago it revealed a finely crafted wood storefront the likes of which this neighborhood hasn’t seen since the early 1900’s.

It looks like it’s going to be a great little market close to my house and that makes me happy.

The front door of the store showing no step up.
Dave Nold
But it gets better. When I was out walking the other night with my friend John we passed by the store. I was admiring the nice finish on the concrete and I noticed, and was surprised I hadn’t noticed before, that the sidewalk gently rises to the level of the entrance of the store so there is no step up. No wheelchair or walker barrier. No tripping hazard. The sidewalk becomes a ramp and you may not have even noticed it.

It does the heart good to see the ADA being implemented with simple and elegant solutions.

Now if we could just get facebook and twitter to…. Oh sorry, maybe next post.

Check out The Franklin Bros Market Instagram account for some before and during construction photos.

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