Starbucks Wants Your Business

Especially if you’re a wheelchair user

A Starbucks sign blocks the side walk
Dave Nold

A clever ploy by Starbucks to divert wheelchair users away from Noah’s Bagels? (Noah’s is right next store)

And good luck if you were planing on using the convenient curb cut just beyond the sign.

When you see something like this, go into the store and pleasantly suggest that they remove the barrier. I didn’t do that and for that I will forever feel… Whatever. Next time, I promise.

2 Replies to “Starbucks Wants Your Business”

  1. I don’t think the curb cutting was done as a way to keep people from going to their competitors. I know that they don’t always have their accessible areas right in front of every business. I think it is nice that we have the curbs cut so that people can get on the sidewalk that normally can’t walk over.

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I think my attempt at sarcasm / humor in the title and text of the post may have lessened or confused the message of the photograph. The picture shows handicapped parking and curb cuts so wheelchair users can easily get around the shopping area but then Starbucks plops down their sign right in the middle of the sidewalk creating an unnecessary and easily avoidable barrier.

      I see that you’re in the concrete cutting business which includes ramps and curb cuts. Looks like a good outfit. I wish you continued success.


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