Amazon Video: Captions are good for business

Portion of T.V. Image and caption
Dave Nold
In 2012 DREDF secured an historic settlement in National Association of the Deaf, et al. v. Netflix, ensuring 100% closed captions in Netflix’s on–demand streaming content within two years.

“DREDF hopes that this is the beginning of opening the Internet for our country’s 48 million deaf and hard of hearing individuals in streamed entertainment, education, government benefits, and more. We’re so pleased that Netflix worked jointly with plaintiffs to devise a reasonable and workable way to achieve 100% captioning. The Decree is a model for the streaming entertainment industry.” – Arlene Mayerson

Last week, Amazon decided to not put up a fight and agreed to caption 100% of it’s massive inventory by December 31, 2016.

The trend is heartening.

Next stop: Audio Description.

The Franklin Bros Market

For the universe

The Franklin Bros. storfront.
Dave Nold
The old corner store on 7th and Bancroft had been boarded up for about a year and I assumed it was being turned into an apartment. But when the plywood came off a couple of weeks ago it revealed a finely crafted wood storefront the likes of which this neighborhood hasn’t seen since the early 1900’s.
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The Making of the ADA

Memories from the 10th Anniversary of the ADA

I’m pleased to be a part of this project.

The first batch of interviews has been released.

The next batch is scheduled for this coming Monday July, 20th.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some captioning to do.