The Intended Recipient’s Other Shoe

People should stop including useless data in their emails.

Signatures are bad enough. They just barely make it above the useless threshold but this stuff here:

The information contained in this email may be confidential, privileged and protected from disclosure. If you think you have received this email message in error, please email the sender at and delete it permanently from your computer files. If you are not the intended recipient, any dissemination, distribution or copying is strictly prohibited.

There may be a good reason to add this gibberish to the end of your missive but I don’t really care what it is.

It’s the digital equivalent of furniture tags that threaten you with the “PENALTY OF LAW”.

At least furniture tags have the courtesy to hide themselves somewhere out of sight where you would have to look for them or accidentally encounter them when you’re looking for your other shoe.

American Manufacturing

I had a Guild M-20 in the 70s. I sold it around 1980 on consignment at Chickens That Sing music for a song. Sure I’ve felt some regret now and again. Nick Drake finally got popular and now they call the M-20 “The Nick Drake” guitar. But it will always be the Dave Nold guitar to me. I’m just sentimental that way.

Now Guild is back with a new American factory and I got me a brand new 2016 Guild USA M-20. It’s beautiful and better than having my old guitar back.

Looking in the sound hole of the guitar to see the serial number.
Serial #C160048
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Robert Wyatt Before Me Before You

Disability rights advocates protest opening of Me Before You

Theatre goes dark.*

Potesters hand out flyers
Dave Nold
In 1973 Robert Wyatt fell out of a 4th story window and was paralysed from the waist down.
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